Make Sure You Invest in a Good Wedding Ring

citrine yellow gemstone ringThe wedding ring is a tangible proof that a couple has shared their vows with each other; it symbolizes their unity and commitment. This is why it is a good idea to invest more on the wedding ring than on any other aspects of the wedding. The wedding ring is the vow you wear with you every day of your life, and it shows to the world that you are exclusively committed to one person alone. This little strip of precious metal is a great lifetime investment in which a couple can take part together.

In shopping for a wedding ring, be sure that the design fits your personal taste and style; this is an investment which you should appreciate for years to come, so do not be swayed by the pressure of current trends and styles. These styles are like fads; they are seasonal in nature.

Be sure that your personal choice would reflect your enduring style as a couple. If you prefer for a more conventional cut, then go for it, as long as you are sure that your appreciation for it will remain relatively the same ten or twenty or fifty years from now.

Current wedding rings are available in various metals, finishes, designs, accents, and embellishments, so that the couple will have much more options as to how they want their wedding bands to be customized. If the ring which you choose to go with is at least five millimeters or wider, then try going for a comfort-fit style. An extra alloy of metal is used in giving the inside of the diameter of the ring its slightly domed shape, which results in a surprisingly snug fit, particularly for men.

oval cut citrine ring

The value of gold does not depreciate over time; the same goes with platinum. Diamonds rather fluctuate in value, but they generally bounce back once they dip. The current value of gold is somewhere around $565 an ounce, an increase of at least fifty percent from the past year alone.

Any time is good time to invest in a wedding ring made of precious metal alloys, as its value has nowhere to go but up. Make sure that you have your wedding ring manufactured by a reputable jeweler or dealer in order to avoid problems in the future.

Once you have acquired a pair, you should ensure that your wedding ring is well taken care of. An occasional five-minute polishing of the band with goldsmith-grade polishing cloths should do the job easily enough. If you prefer a more maintenance free option, tungsten alloys and Florentine or stone finishes are also recently available on the market.

Since wedding rings made of precious stones and alloys are considered jewelry, you should consider having them covered with an insurance policy. Even though you may have your jeweler regularly check, maintain, and clean the wedding bands, today’s fast-paced lifestyle may cause you to accidentally lose the ring during a round of golf or a tennis match. Sufficient jewelry insurance coverage is highly recommended as compensation for such incidents.